Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When do you become strangers?

We become strangers
in life's highway
when we pass each other
in a hurry, without
dimming the lights of

In all trappings of technology
that once aided us
the green glare of
availability in the virtual,
special ringtones on the cell phones
and the seat carved near you
when you drive afar...
the virtual, electronic
and modular spaces of
existence are taken over
by the strangeness of proximity

When all the words that you
uttered in earnest once
become gnarled inside,
when your eyes that longed to see
each other look
away hypocritical,
when you betray your heartbeat
when you ignore oxytoxin
showered around you like stardust

you become a self-exiled
orbiting your lonely paths
shoring the heavy mass of your
loss over your self
heavier each day with your grief

when you have confirmed
given into your destiny
wearing diaphanous veils
of betrayal
accepted into public mien
sadly, you realise that
your have severed ties with your self,
the stardust dreams
become strange to you

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