Tuesday, May 28, 2013

For My Son: Tejas

Every new day is a
delicious pie over his brows
waiting to be sliced
slurped and eaten,
and every new day
grazes his memory
like a trail of ants
which go on forever and ever
into the unknown
promising mystery and fun.

Every animal
crawling, walking
and slithering,
a spectacle.
He pets, pats,
fingers and pokes at
life to see its response,
from irritation to warmth
make him rivet to the
secrets of life that only
his senses

Every time I set my
eyes on him,
I do not know
if I should watch him or
turn my eyes away
when he treads
on the fringes
of propriety.
So, I let him cruise
his seas
with my watchful
light towers alert.

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