Monday, April 29, 2013


Every night you
grapple with sleep
you seduce her
all day with a light
diet and long walks;
your gentle snore foreplays
at night, till she chokes
you with her chortle
and thumps on your chest:
at times sucking
your breath from you.

When you wrestle it back from
her, she ripples down
drowning  you along
with her whims
and your tired baggage
full of dreams

Every morning, she
holds you captive
even in your wakefulness

Your pursue her at night
while she stalks your days
Never letting another go
in a tousle of wills
sandwiched  between days and nights!

Painting Tide

It's a painting
I dreamt to finish in a sitting
a sea melts
into its blue
a single boat mooring
on its iris

with supple
careless strokes
I sprayed the waves
on the frothy sand.

I stood back to see
waves lashing out
in frolic
through the fissures
of the grey sky
clouds hung down in

hit their heads
on the promontory
hysterically laughing
and weeping
tearing harmony
into shards.

In the picture too
I pushed my
skills uphill
only to watch helpless
harmony tumbling
the canvas called life!


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