Monday, October 29, 2012


Travelling clouds
steal a frown,
a smile or a flash of
lightning from earth's
cauldron of moods.

When I travel with them
there is always a myth
and a fable hidden
in their knowing brightness

wisdom stratified
or sadness anchored 
on their brow

A love lost or deceit
in their frown,
cuckoldry or shades
of doubt in their grey

A smile and blush
smudged on the
apple cheeks too scream
love, dreams and
naive hopes which turn
to night as the day marches
along time's ticking scale.

In brightness, it's
epiphany and wisdom
of a clear, splendid mind.
Through cumulus,
wisdom streams in through
Jacob's ladder,
heaven opening up
its gates to the daughters of earth.

In turbulence or treachery,
in love and loss,
in wisdom and folly,
heavens etch their
psychedelic moods
in many-coloured hues
and sometimes in its
most lowly fog-
a frosted- vacuumed 
emptiness of a silent scream...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Birth of an Oracle

I tried to tease
love out like an olive
after draining out
every drop of lust,
it remained at the bottom
punctured and torn,
finally, when I tasted
the drupe
it was bitter-sour,
sharp on my palette
before I spat out the pit
which stung my
tongue like an epiphany!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Last Rites of Flesh

Angled by the
the  bait
of freedom, 
the sea- worn
fish flew
to the land
with the pull
of the line,
this twilight
she splashed
on the wharf;
in a flash
there was
a  heavy scuttle
in the glimpse
of freedom,

She flew in the
air,  in a trance
huffed at the
first glance
of the setting sun
painted on
her scales
bronze and silver,
enameled by
sea and sky.

Out of the sea
she gasped,
Time, ticked on
her dorsal fins, 
went shivering
down the spine
to her scissored tail;
in  a few violent
jerks she pined
to be back in the sea.

she slithered,
snout quivering,
eyes rolling out
to see the sea,
gills whispered
penitent litanies
to the
memories she lost.

She breathed
her  last
and stretched to
the calm stillness
of the sky that mirrored
the murky sea on its
thoughtful clouds.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Butterfly Effect

It is the remnant of
a night mare
a childhood scar
lingering to sore,
or your love
festering in the
hidden urns of
or how you battered
with  a verbal
punch yesterday,
a stammer,
a birthmark,
the colour of the skin
or a book
that stayed
after reading
with passion.

It is the mind
that collapses
like wild cards
at the end of
the  splendid design
we call life.
In chaos
we make a theory
give it colour
let them
sprout wings
quiver and
take flight,
and call it
the butterfly effect!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Sea

The sea was
always an epiphany.

Seen from above
in its inky loneliness
I was a speck that
disappeared with the waves.
In the hills 
Humble and lonely
I cured myself
with its salty waves
lapping up dreams
misting my life,

I pickled myself
like a sea-weed
in its memories.

Back home,
sea worn, you and I
looked at the strangers
grazing her fringes.

Evenings were
clouds smudged
a collage of colours
never found on land.
silver, grey, auburn
and splendid saffron
splashed chaotic
on sky's mirror eyes.

We watched
the sun slink down
her watery bosom
and darkness creep
up her quivery
leaving a crack of
the silvery sky
in a distant horizon.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

God's Ikebana

A twig from
a weary branch
a tender leaf
of  a fledgling plant,
a fresh blown bud
from a thorny shrub,
God's ikebana
amazes all.

When he gathers
flowers, branches,
pebbles, leaves
cut, torn,
chopped or wrenched,
a dried root
a thorny stem
woven with grass,
smiles gathered
in their prime:
arranged to perfection
with his nimble care.

The artist God gathers
flowers all season long,
from tropics to laplands
grass, moss and peonies,
some in random, some
with extreme care, he cuts, tears
wrenches, snaps and heals
with the same nimble hands
to create a sight out
of nature's misty eyes.

Next time you see him
gather a sprig or a bud
imagine he has the
last laugh in blessing
dead flowers with life.  


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