Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hunting heart beats

Sleepless nights
spread on me
like a nightmare,
I went exploring the
heartbeats of my children,
I saw their dreams take wings
like butterflies, grazing from
one flower bed to another.
Their tender feet
tip-toeing on mossy dreams,
their gentle flutter;
a carnival of dreams,
a peace that
abides with innocence.

Then the  gentle harmony
of my parents' hearts,
tell-tale of the
end of turbulence
an owl hooting is contentment
as they rowed their life to
the fag-end of their twilight.

When I listened to
my caged heart
breaking its head on
my ribs, desiring to break free
I was listening to its silence
in between its desperate knocks
I heard hesitant beats
while I halted between
life and death!

Sea Trapped

I became the seashell
when I heard the
sea trapped in her
furrowed by time, 
echoing memories
of love
separated by
whorls of thoughts
fear and distance.

The shell
could feel
touch and hear
the sea in every
suture of her being. 

The shell
the wave
murmured his love
mourned lost memories.

The crests
of memory
remembered what was
wrenched out
leaving just an
empty trough behind.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


When  the birds come
home to roost
drying the last trace
of warmth of the hirsute sky,
I travel wearily
to my hearth
of memories.
dead warmth
fanned awake by
slow sputtering  coal

Every evening, I die
out with my memories,
wood smoulders to
ashes reducing itself
into nothingness.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Every day

Every day I
wake up and dance
to the suns tune,
warm up a  bit
before the rise
and cool myself up
before the set.

In the pedestal

I work-out in
broad day light,
act in the game
which I call life.
My legs, toes
and fingers
move according
to my karmic
I believe I think
free, but they
are reined to
my destiny.
My prayers
are anachronistic,
they challenge
my shallow faith,
they are chanted
from memory and
 a childhood habit
My love rites are
confused, I never
knew who to love
and when I loved
with a  blind hindsight
I saw the bubble
burst in human
In my optimism
the death knell
to my innocence,
In my sunshine
I see the green dark
clouds descending
to quicken my doom 


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