Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Ten Years

Amen to those days of daunting desire,
in our physics of togetherness,
I learned my lessons from you
you pushed open my caverns
of longing with your gentleness

After that, ten years of getting along
like two musical notes in disharmony
one seeks harmony in abstractions of love
another, in actions that ensconce one’s dharma ,
one dreams, another talks his dreams
the real and imaginative running parallel
two birds off to two destinations,
accommodating the other, either
whisking gently under a wing or
pushing the other away to its own world.

Ten years since our volcanoes fossilized
into the diamond  of our destinies,
we  mother and moonlight into our
children’s lives like heroes and villains,
nurturing, providing, tweaking their ears
thereby, exploring theories of parenting.
our logic often clashing and colliding,
yet, wearing masks of perfection.
In another ten years, the mask  will  fail,
our made up faces will crack to
reveal the ugliness of neglect.

In our tenth year, we are a bundle of
opposites tied together by the follies of youth and love
We ignore each others’ life, till we need fillers
for the world or some extra wads of cash,
we need each other for our children,
our parents and friends, while we orbit
in our strange horizons, keeping a
distance, but,  at once cold and warm.


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