Thursday, April 26, 2012

The other side of light.

In this rain-swept dawn
there is night in my eyes,
sleep on its puffy lids,
I must have cried 
the night away
wasted words,
seeking love
and poetry.

I sought words in
the rivulets that flowed
down, they were lost
in the ebb and flow
to be never retrieved. 
Stones rankled
in the dark, missed warmth
and the life enhancing soul.

Words grew in
love's flames, and
surged heaven-ward
words coated with love
sang paeans for the
my invented god,
in you
I chastised my thoughts
on you, I discovered
primeval desires
spiraling on your

Against the fire
a mirror was blown,
I looked into him
he looked through me,
He, an image,
slipping from my grip,
I,  an idea, that could
not be read,
reflecting our brittle
selves in one another ,
we built love
on the  thin sheet of longing.

This moon-lit dawn,
garnered from sun’s
dying rays,
shines into my
far away, I can imagine
your half-dressed torso
lit by the moon
your profile
caressed by the gentle light
and your dark shadows
sharply etched
on the other side of light.

Getting Ready

Messiah on the cross.
Jacob ready to be slain.
Publication woes have
religious metaphors
strung to them
Or is it Miriam
dividing  her bread
among believers,
in exchange for stones?

I am ready
to face the world
with my words...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Your Potent Pill

I am the mistake
your middle-age made
a younger man groaned
into your older self,
to seek
the blemish in your life

You buried me in your
I hounded your days
your thoughts, your secrets
the dark matter of your
universe , I persisted
in every nook and cranny

without scheming you planted
me in those hirsute spaces
your chest, your groins
in your secret hideouts

I have grown like algae
a heartache that weakens you
I have changed from
a smile to a frown,
from ecstasy to agony
from a secret to a news
you planted me like
canker in your domesticity.

Stepping back is as easy
as incarceration,
you can walk back
the memory lane
and erase every black
hole of memory.

You can refuse to communicate,
vanish into your own world,
I never haunt
but like a  disease treated
with a  potent pill, I
too can disappear
and never appear.
Only if you will care to treat!


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