Thursday, March 08, 2012

Padmanabha Smiles

This city, risen from
her amnesiac fumes,
gets ready to
bury her wealth
in the secret coffers
of knowledge,
Lord Padmanabha
smiles through the dark
sanctum  bemused by the twists
and turns of fortuitous  time.

Suddenly, fame stalks
the dim-lit pathways,
like a strumpet on prowl , 
camera-flashes through the
fortress that sieved religion inside
its four dark walls of nescience
and piety that  discount
all creation as a  gentle
glob that huddled into an eggshell

The  city , now rich,
famous and seductive,
glosses over the makeover,
fleshes into her suburbs, her
adipose tissues spill over the
green hamlets, her dialects
lumbers to the polished
lisps of the another land.

The city has her flavors
dished out in the wayside carts,
her ethnic taste  hijacked
 by tattu dosas and curried
beef, toddy shops giving way
to foreign liquor doled
out in state beverage shops;
evenings stalked by unsteady
steps accosting flaccid lust.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

If I Had My Way

If I had my way
I would light the lamp,
burn my mid-night's oil
just for my new groom.

It can be delirium or death
 but I can't kindle
love in you any more,
before giving up, I say

If I had my way, I would
conjure all the spells to
tie your heart down to me,
or root your life in my soil.

There were so many verses
I wanted to write for you
Too many prayers I wanted
to chant to keep you with me

Many litanies to inundate and
interlace the skies with the
web of pleas and emotional
blackmails,  till God turns to me

one day and says, 'we are into
a conspiracy to eternalize love
you have your bid of love and
I have my brew of prayers, deal!'

Then I will turn to your  body
my secret pyre  and my thirst
and embrace it as my own;
death and love will begin at once

as a ball of  fire that gorge
our flesh, our will, our soul
our  sun will shine like an  eternal
lamp for this desperate earth.


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