Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Miracles and Deaths

We survived
the miracle of
love that led us
to Death,
the moment of flight
ballasted by
inertia was
another miracle
we survived,
we also saw
the youth hurtling
past death
as we cruised
his mangled form.
Together we saw, loved
and hated miracles.
in this unholy matrimony of
witnessing miracles and
we saw nothing
but ourselves staring
at our vaccuum,
shrouded by
our flesh and skin.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

How Far?

 (For Bindu Krishnan)

How far will distances take
us to their labyrinths,
we travel together or apart?
How far will our words
weave us diaphanous
rays to veil our dreams?
How far will our letters
be our instinct and
harshness our reality?
How far will we see our dreams
sink in the quagmire
of anonymity?
How far will our talents be
suppressed by fame?
How far our fame be elusive?
How far our books be
confined to shelves and stalls?
How far does far mean?
How far illusion ends
and realness begins?
How far will your tears
salt the recipe you brew
in domesticity?
How far  will your magic
carpet take you through
reality cruises
over a vaccuum called life?

How far will farness
fathom the roots,
when you leave  for the land
that you call your home?


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