Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I worry about your sleep
your waking hours
your hair-line receding,
the power of your glasses,
a snowy white creeping up
the jet-black hair.

I worry about your job,
your tensions, your failures,
the allurements that you
encounter day by day,
Your eyes  losing their
sheen , crow-feet take
root everyday.

I worry about your health
your heart beats, your mind,
I worry more when I see your
sculpted body luring all eyes,
I worry about your emotions
the told and untold words,
your truths and faults,
your philosophy and religion

I worry about  your movements
and lack of movements,
about tomorrow, then your
old age, sickness and death,
I worry about your anger,
your worries and troubles,
I worry about your memories
you sad childhood excursions,
I worry about your desires,
your coldness, your passion,
I worry if I can fulfill your dreams

At last when I sit back
and worry about your worries,
the time to love you, I know,
Is lost  most in worrying

Thursday, June 16, 2011


This is the darkest night
the longest eclipse of
my life
let me witness this darkness
let me drink in the bitterness
the Halāhala  of  shadowless
let me be choked by
its tentacles
where all colours meet only
to fade into darkness,
let me be lonlier
than I always was,
let me feel its cold
balsam balm
on my forehead,
then rest on night's lap,
in abadon
a Pieta played out
again in time.

Streetlights cannot
this night
white flowers
lose themselves
in its grasp,.

I have only this
sky, my companion
a shade less darker
than me,
I have only these
nocturnal songs
impermeable to strange ears
these ebony flowers
their dense dank petals
slowly embracing me.

This is my darkest
and longest night
my day eclipsed forver,
I dip the tip of my finger
into its kohl
and wear its collirium
in my eyes...
I take shelter in its arms,
its blackness and void,
like a bride wedded to death,
orphaned no more.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The night you gave me should not be eternal,
the tremblings of the leaves mirrors my own,
in the darkness where fear twists, twirls and copulates,
loneliness is not just hidden in the milky dark
it pounces on  the day as well.

I tremble, for I have no youth to give,
no truths which you expect me to lie,
no cadences that will not resonate you,
no shadows which haven't followed you.

Haven't you known that I have become
a part of that you which you dismiss as
your capricious love, haven't our skins
sheathed each other till we were peeled
off by duties, our vocations and the
people who masquerade as our blood.

For me you are the erring night, that
scares, trembles and rages itself in a
the harsh catclysms of self denial.
For me you are the night that forms
part of me with an inseparableness
and your brows cloud over with hate.

For me you are my existance, my indulgence
my abstinance, my denial, my ecsatsy...
as your frown grows heavier and heavier,
all my moods I offer to you


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