Thursday, March 24, 2011


I never knew that death would come so fast
Words tangled in ideas, ideas in thoughts
thoughts in the wink of an eye:
the blindness that surrounds it

End of poetry means the beginning
of a journey to a weary horizon,
the never ending road stretches ahead
refusing to be the path that leads:
It just leads to the dark unknown

It is a souless state for me
never has a hornbill craved
so much to quench its thirst
for words. Thoughts jostle in the
dark, the guinea pigs in the
dungeon of inexpressive fallacies.

I have removed my accessories
vulnerable I stand without
my tongue, my language 
kundalas stripped and muted,
silent, lone and worn, ready for
the wordless flight
to the dark, to the unknown...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


When my muse was
slowly drying up,
I found an undying
repertoire of hope
in a jasmine bud

I plucked it from
my balcony and
traced out its petals
on the white sheets
of my memory.
I had forgotten
its shape, but
for its smell I would
have forgotten
its existence.

This jasmine connects
me to my many pasts
as I smelled it in the
kurta pockets of
my grand father,
who walked time
with fame and
not a single penny
for his medicinal cures.

Then on my mother's
hair while she was leaving
for work to a far off place,
My craving for jasmine
was my longing for warmth,
jasmines clinging to
her hair, which almost
always smelt of flowers.

When my jasmine shrub
budded for the first time
on terrace, I was in love
with you when the heady
smell linked you to me.
You were never there
but your memories stayed
as the fragrance of
youth stayed on

I searched you in foot steps,
in the never ending streets,
in strangers eyes, till I met
you again as another stranger.
and this strange epiphanic fate
linked us again together
with an olfactory memory.

I found you like an arrow
searching for its quiver
humbled by pain I saw
God in love,
love in jasmines
jasmines in your eyes
your eyes in my sins
my sins sheathed
in your blemishes,
your blemishes
ensconced in that
familiar smell of
jasmines once again


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