Friday, February 25, 2011

Fur Elise. Or Fur Therese?

Bagatelle Piano
A Minor -
a gentle ache

down the stairs,
to the hollows
of unfeeling,
there was love and
distress in the piece,

then raucous
memories jostling in,
fingers play on the
keys of my heart.

Its not just the case
of mistaken identity,
but the love you have hidden
for her, I thought was mine.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dont Push me from my Love's Orbit

You cannot push me
from my love's orbit,
though elliptical
I may never return.
I may go off tangent
to the unknown
never to cruise
back to your gravity,
I may survive or perish.
Love teaches you that
lesson through the
ecstasies of extremities,
I may be loved and
buried deep among the dead,
or my anonymity  may
stray like an asteroid
 to dash to smithereens
on some unknown planet

I can also fly like words
lost in the brilliance of
thoughts, my thoughts
may sluice those
lightyears that cannot be
journeyed even by
the most fertile verses

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Celestial ...

It was just not a
co-incidence at thirteen,
I started gazing at the
stars-  your eyes,
the jasmines in my balcony
were the stars in your eyes too

I looked at the deep skies
to answer my love,
the clouds spoke a language
akin to mine own
they shaped themselves to all
pleasing forms, to be whipped
away by the gentle wind

I was born in love at thirteen
in this town, reborn at thirty three
love began with cosmic vibrations,
when the sky
touched down on  my skin's
runway of sensations

I am reborn years later
in the misery of love
your asteroid doubts
pellet my faith, yet the Thomas
in you peers into my wounds

Born on a Wednesday
married on another
broke apart on yet another,
reunited in love on another,
Wednesdays of revelations,miseries
hailstorms, comet showers
and star dusts

Though I realize
that you cannot recognize
my born and reborn selves
I listen to the stars
in the skies, the jasmine flowers
and then your eyes


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