Monday, April 27, 2009

Journey In and Journey Out

There was this journey in
and journey out

You were focused on the
the steering you revved,
tuning to the rhythm of
the streets, I listened
to its music that varied
from harmony to cacophony,
Streets were lonely or crammed
you played the flute well,
Haunted by that trance;
I followed your finger tips
A refugee, caught in a war zone
lured from nothingness to light
that shone unusually bright
inside long, oblong tunnels.

Teeming crowds, filled in
and out, lovers lost in love,
losers in their losses brushed
against another just to feel
life and flesh; their eyes
caressed each other,
streets smelt of flowers,
candy and dust, sticky-
sweet smell wafted away
you drove the sinews well

you lost love in burrows
of shame and hatred, as a child.
you lost love in the puzzle of
crooked alphabets, though neatly
arranged, when your lover
left for a distant home,
you didn’t wait for a good bye.
you missed love in your quest,
the eloquence of a leader,
young, angry and lost,
fear cruising through blood.
That love
you missed as a child,
when you searched for a mother
in every woman you met
(You retained your father till you
killed him in your worst nightmares)
Or love
that coursed your veins when your
lover, tightened her kegel muscles
for you, may be just for you.

My journey into you was
complete, dream-like.
Your tongue was honey
Your tongue was fire
You could even whip me well

When you drove in
gulmohars set aflame my
forests, the brown hills
burned in the summer heat.
Jacarandas and laburnum
lined crowdless streets,
petals squashed on tar
as the cars swept past.

Often gazing out of the windows
Rolled up with tinted glass
Love was a secret only lovers knew
clammed like shells, closed out
from the world when they met
clandestine under the jacaranda
shade, petals showered only
To be crushed by their feet,
Time’s tooth ache, spread
a slow decay that smells and
pains, and he rolled out
his victims once again.

My drive back was lonely
your magic still steered the car.
Night blotched out blossoms,
rolls of jasmine strings on the
vendor’s make shift shop.
I smelt only faint
memories of a dreamless
life, where I lived my
Dreams and slept my nights.

I had shed my husks
in my Journey out

Thursday, April 23, 2009

lost in silence

I got lost in silence
while responding to an
anger that didnt survive
the Jurrassic age;

meteors had the power to
decimate my anger
one by one

My volcano cooled
and hardened like
a snot that blocked
my nostrils,the closed
river mouths dont open
with 'mumbo jumbos' or
'open sesames'

Surviving was to feel numb,
then mumble and stare with
big black eyes that often
offended with docility.

my eyes looked at a still
suicidal view from the steeple
and spire said that religion
killed, I didnt want to die.
A view from a prow and mast,
the ship-hull-view where the
waters moved with air and
traipsied towards heaven with
open arms, gravity pulled back
the love-dance and cried restraint!

A view from the deepest gorge
did not incite fear though
the black face of death stared
back from the depths
with a lover's intensity!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hair Do Lessons

Her hair style parted her face
into two apple halves, pulled
back her hair behind ears, and
tucked it into a pony tail,
face changed its shape from
an apple to a heart, something
edible to desirable,
her teenage style

She liked this gradual
Progress with no cynicism
and bitter memories

Or well that was what
She thought in love till
she missed adventures
behind tinted cars and
dim lit pubs, where a
rose was no longer a
rose, you either sat
on it or crushed them
in those
moments of lust

Like a sheet of paper
changed its shape to another
she found joy and pain
love and escape from
present to her past

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Train Dreams and Metaphors

red sand, green
leaves drooping with
mire mixed with dew-
wind-whipped dust
whooshed earth like
an ice-cream cone,
you look outside the train
window and hum a tune
windmills swirl their
blades like the dancers
billowed skirts. twilight
sets in, deepening the red,
my forehead smeared with
a vermillion of desire
Your fingers tap
a tune on my skin
I see only you as the sun
exits to the dark room to
mate insidiously with the
clouds to beget a new day

Pia's answer to her lover's 'complaynt'

For Pia and Fritz: For Allowing a Voyueristic Peek

Don’t think that you love
Me more that I love you
Let’s not fight over that now
For example, my eyes roving
Away haven’t had enough of you
Just that even my body likes
To lie to itself about that
Churning passion, somewhere it
Bleeds, mind rebels at the
excess of pleasure and pain
when it is chugged on to
the tracks of reality.
Dual emotions, when it pours
In plenty is no fun either,
Wont you pardon me if in my
Clumsiness I stare away from you?
Or move away from your
Chiseled mould, somewhere there
My excesses cannot fit into to your
Well toned hollows, let me
Love silently, inhaling pain as
I inhale your aroma in the most
Pleasing moments of togetherness
Let me love with a sagacity that doesnt
Tear our loved one’s apart
Let me love with a foolish wisdom
Of an overgrown midget who
always lost worthy battles in life.
Battles with the self began with
you as well, and let me exhume
myself in my love for you, for
my end shall be in my
consummation with you.


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