Monday, March 16, 2009

Do I believe you?

If you tell me a hundred times
with an ellipsis following
your convictions that you are
a maveric of words, do I believe you?

If you tell you love me with
a fear lurking behind your racing
heart and that you are high on
adrenalin, do I trust you?

If you tell me with hesitant arms
that you want the flowers to bloom
while your fingers wither my petals,
farmer, do I believe you?

If I gaze at the stars,
disentagling my hair
can I paint the night sky
on my desire's canvas?

You tell me that you want
your patchless skies, and
pastures ungrazed by time;
you tell me you want a peace that
is more precious than your blood
that you want to shed on this land
like a revolutionary sans a cause.

Romance may rise above my
doubts, soar over the clouds,
humanity may cease to be,
time may beat a retreat with
you and me in Eden once again,

My love,in the depth of your eyes
burns betrayal, do I still believe you?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I had never written him off,
thought the lover when she
saw him after twenty years
there was this sea, froth,
schools of fish lapping
under the sun burnt waves,
water simmered while
depths harbored life,
she looked at his skin,
burnt sienna melting down
to a prominent chin-cleft
that retreated
inwards a hairy chest,
she too dissolved
with his earthy hues
his lava-laden gaze
bore into her, told her that
he has aged more than her
memories could ever remember
Crow-feet neatly etched
beneath his lids, years
she never had access to
nor ever will, the here and
now brandished on hollow
unretrievable desire.
Sky disappeared in a wink,
drowning the twilight,
white billowed sails and the blue

the last rays were also
his bristles on her skin
its chafe, the pleasure
of longing and the urge
to possess what is not hers
In the lagoon, a stream
twisted her legs on the
waiting waves, sand slid back
baring her nakedness.
she could only remember
the feel of a kiss or
his hands that wound her
to his ribs, the crunch
of her bones that melted
with his skin, there she
lost her face in his chest.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Dear Sofiul

Yesterday I remembered yet again
there was a sea and then acres of land
that divide our land, and of course
barbed wires, kalashnikovs and men
in uniform. I looked longingly over
the check posts to see patriarchs
with their wives, daughters and boxes
waiting to get past solidiers vigilante
over the frontiers; the dogs of our nations
barked at each other's tresspassers.
I longed to cross your country and blend
in you as well, into the vast menagerie
of our living. This Noah's Ark
where only pairs are perfect.

Today, when I write,
I wistfully remember your poem for me
and the way we were there for each other
when this loveless world haunted us
with loneliness and our discreet love
flourished on those mossy paths. Dark, cool,
slippery and enervating our poetic minds.
My night smelt of your skin, smeared
the colour of my lover on me.
those mystic meetings, my beloved and I,
we lived through a love loved across
histories and cultures. Our countries,
skin hues and our language were all one.
though I could talk to you only in patches
we knew that a sea of words was already
thought and spoken, at times spoken so well.
So there was love and words between us
not the seas and barbed wires and
the violence of religions and cultures.
In our love continent, there were rains
and perpetual droughts and our bold brown
skin took the beating of the ever-harsh sun.
Against these elements didnt
we cruise exuding animal joy?
That which could not be expressed
or articulated, and in our sojourn
we indeed floated apart, buoyant,
discovering our loves and our lovers...

Tomorrow when my thoughts
stray into the self-made mazes of
senility and when words divorce my
thoughts with an impudence, only the
lesson of love we salvaged over
centures of life will remain...
This is no co-incidence, my poet,
nor a conard I have spun out of my
inanities, but travelling with your
wise masts, I rediscovered love
through my love for you so that
the tale of longing and bitterness
lives and relives in my
passions and betrayals...


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