Thursday, October 04, 2007

Chasing my future: adieu Tura!!!

I tread your flesh with
joy tinged with fear
You, my paramour,
Rained on me and
turned my nakedness into a song!!!

There was no other haven
but your arms that wrapped
my body to your chest.
That day
it rained in abandon
When I left you.
I looked back to
see the window panes
streaked with tears
that I did not shed.

Sky was an ocean below me
tailored landscapes
hemming into the
poise of nature
I marvelled no more
at the rivers etched on land
with an artistic fingernail.
Place names vanished
In my memory’s map…

I remembered nothing
My vacant eye
Caressed the spiraling clouds
In the sky
Mirroring shades
Towering to meet my fate
Of an uncertain blue..

Below, I saw
A world full of faces
Innocence staring out of
dim-witted eyes
hitting my guilt’s bulls-eye
wringing my remorse
with dreams of paltriness.

Classmates, friends-
all wore moral masks.
Friends driving in
family cars
they looked happy,
Didn’t they in
their happy interludes?

At night, I counted
stars flooded
on the streets
on the bonnets
of hooting wheels.

airborne and fearful
I heard hail hitting
the tinsel of my aircraft wings.

My journey has come to an end


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