Thursday, September 27, 2007

Teesta Revised, June 2007

Your emerald
turned bracken
fury oozing guilt.

I have come yet again
To cleanse myself.
Teesta, your flaw
Throttles me

* * **

She roared from
the gorges, unable
to restrain
her yearning
gushing, slithering
voluptuously against
the sandy arms
of her lover’s shores.

Desire turned delusion.

Monsoon tore
down the hills
wind wailed
pulling Teesta’s hair.
It rained all day
smudging my tears
Techno music
Trashed on
window panes
muffled and naked.

Another bumpy ride
on the hills
with clouds that
trailed rain-
denuded hills
Could I only skim
the valley
serenade patches of gray
With my tears,
Or glide down
Like a feather
To the never-ending
gorge and
never ever return.

held me down
as the clouds
broke into
an undulating green.

Pencilled sadly
Against the sky
Hills yet again!

** **

Trumpets, cymbal clangs.
gong beats
echoed my heart.

Rumtek enthralled.

Monks chanted
their trust, gently
pushing earth
anti clock-wise
in her diurnal path
Boring through my fear
my ears reverberating
my mind’s vacuum.


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