Saturday, April 28, 2007

faith castles

A Photographic Odyssey through the Garo Hills

Photograph by Seema K.K and poems by Babitha Marina Justin

hopes drift punctured
by the sky. clouds, their incense wafts,
are sheep astray.
church-spires, tiled-faith
and idols remain

Friday, April 06, 2007

billowed by the wind
leaves glide golden
i drew homeward birds
to my bosom, like the setting sun
leaves glide gentle
i sat with my pen
demure, powerless to write
with a red shoulder bag.
empty wallet, fallen hair
a piece of setting sun

i thought of the blue Picasso
shades, painted in pink
smudging my life with
its coat running
down my frown
my fingertips
defying harmony, my life
poetry dies an untimely
death in me
colours run over my life
into a liquid mass of
colourless chaos

leaves fall...

Jezebel's Lover

For JCM and the likes of her

you have lost yourinnocence
to say you love me
love comes with conditions
for you.
you are scared if love
will tie you down to me,
uttering this word
will imprison you
to the weight of its being.

instead you say
'come sleep with me' or
you are good in bed'
you compliment me
'a warm bitch'
'an uninhibited lover'
expecting me to gloat!

my love,
love is not your instinct
its measured in the time
that you cash out
in front of the monitor
or in the steering wheel
you manouevre
coursing traffic jams
without road rage
or in the twitter of your
daughter's laughter
and the future that you
dream for her,
or in the doe-eyed wife
with long hair
who preserves her fidelity
just for you,
or in the new home
you have built with
your artistic hands

you are complete
in the small world you
have spun
like a spider
waiting in his trap.
when unloved
you turn to me
raw blood and flesh
wildness and nerves
you remind me its not love
i smile
then disappear
into my cocoon.
my love!
i think i should tell you
i survive despite you


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